Who’s Worried About Big Brother? Not Eric Schmidt!

So very reassuring.

Hakuna matata, guys! (Photo: flickr.com/jolieodell)

Hakuna matata, guys! (Photo: flickr.com/jolieodell)

We’re entering a new age of ubiquitous surveillance, when you can’t even embark on a wild night out in Brooklyn without worrying about some Glasshole uploading your embarrassing antics to YouTube. It’s enough to make you wonder whether maybe we ought to worry about what governments and corporations will do with the technical ability to track, oh, everything.

But do you know what Google chairman Eric Schmidt says to that? No worries, ya’ll!

CNET reports that in a talk at NYU promoting his book The New Digital Age, he told the crowd:

“A world where everything is going to be tracked is ‘highly unlikely to occur because people will be upset about it,’ Schmidt said during an event with New York University Professor Nouriel Roubini and Jared Cohen, director of Google ideas.

‘Governments won’t allow it, and it will be bad business,” he said. “In a competitive environment, businesses actually want their consumers to be happy.'”

If you say so, Mr. Schmidt!