Well, Goddammit: Google Glass Won’t Let You Swear

Sergey's gonna wash your filthy mouth out with digital soap.

Testing, one, two, testing. (screencap)

Testing, one, two, testing. (screencap)

Who’s afraid of a little ? Google, apparently, and the company’s squeamishness regarding dirty language is likely to render Glass borderline unusable for sailors and those of us who prefer our conversation extra salty.

Geek.com points out that the company’s voice translation technology (like most similar programs) censors curses. How prim!  With smartphones or browsers you can just edit manually, but wearable tech isn’t so simple.

And so:

“If you’re using Glass, there’s no other options for text input. Much like the updated controls over SafeSearch, Google’s going to be in control here. Unlike SafeSearch, there’s absolutely no way to disable this filter. The settings give you no control over this right now, and since there’s no Off switch on any of Google’s other voice services it seems unlikely we’ll see one here.”

Fuck that shit.