Somebody Made an ‘iPhone Shoe’ Using a 3D Printer

These shoes were made for nothing.

This thing. (Photo: BBC)

This thing. (Photo: BBC)

Apparently there’s nothing you can’t make using a 3D printer. That’s what obviously bored European designer Alan Nguyen has proved with his creation. It’s a Croc-like shoe (a.k.a. the peak of high fashion) that consists of lumped-together iPhone cases as the platform, alongside a slot to hold your Apple device. Who needs their phone in an easily accessible place anyway?

Mr. Nguyen told the BBC that the wedge is fully functional and called it “pretty comfortable.” That doesn’t help its ugliness though. He works for Freedom of Creation, a 3D printing studio in Amsterdam and designed the shoe to test copyright limitations.

To add to the insufferable factor, Mr. Nguyen also related his job of designing very practical things using a 3D printer to a DJ:

“We are like DJs,” he said, “because they take other people’s things and make something completely new.” The iPhone shoe is a “mash up”, he explained, as it contains other designers’ case designs along the base of the heel.

So, there you have it: 3D-printed shoes are the next EDM mashups if you needed something else in your life to avoid.