Grumpy Grandpa John McCain Doesn’t Understand ‘Why the Hell’ He Has to Update His Apps

God, grandpa. GOD.

Even Tim Cook can't believe this shit.

Even Tim Cook can’t believe this shit.

Tim Cook and other Apple representatives are on Capital Hill today, answering questions about why the company doesn’t pay any more taxes here in the U.S. of A. Senator Carl Levin is currently waving around his iPhone and grilling the lot of them about their Irish subsidiaries.

However, crotchety old John McCain wanted some answers on another matter while he had Mr. Cook’s attention: “Why the hell” does he have to keep updating the apps on his iPhone?

Bill Gates might want to steer clear of D.C., in case Senator McCain decides he needs an explanation for why Microsoft Office doesn’t include the funny little talking paperclip any more.

Video from Talking Points Memo: