Hey Mark Zuckerberg, the Israeli Government Would Like to See You About Some Parody Accounts

Israel is beautiful this time of year.

(Photo: Flickr.com/gpaumier)

(Photo: Flickr.com/gpaumier)

Israel just discovered parody Facebook accounts and that’s bad news for Mark Zuckerberg. Moshe Gafni, a parliament member for an ulta-Orthodox sect, is so annoyed that a fake account containing his name was being used to impersonate him that he’s now demanding to speak in-person with the Facebook CEO.

After repeated complaints to Facebook for the page’s removal went unanswered, Mr. Gafni asked the parliament’s Science and Technology Committee, which he happens to head, to convene for an urgent discussion about the still-active page.

According to YNet News, Mr. Gafni also sent a personal letter to Mr. Zuckerberg begging him to please address the very important issue of Facebook parody accounts.

He wrote:

Several days ago, I discovered that an impostor had opened a Facebook profile using my name. I reported it, but the profile is still active… I am not just concerned about myself… I’m wondering how an ordinary citizen can protect himself from such mischief, which may harm him and his family… I ask you to come and take part in this serious discussion.

Sounds very serious. Anyway, Mr. Zuckerberg is not required to appear at the discussion but it’s reported that Facebook might send someone on his behalf when it takes place in two weeks.

Maybe there’s an extra seat on a summer Birthright trip that Zuck could hop on?