You Can Now Buy My Little Pony Hot Pants From Hot Topic, Every Goth Tween’s Favorite Store

Pick up a cool spikey bracelet while you're at it.

(Photo: Hot Topic)

(Photo: Hot Topic)

Feeling like it’s time to spice up your lingerie stash? Hot Topic, that suburban mall store that peddles t-shirts with slogans like “People like you are why people like me need medication” and exists purely as a foil to Hollister, has come to your rescue.

Equestria Daily, the hub for all things My Little Pony, reports that the goth-kid hangout is now selling hot pants with Rainbow Dash, one of the most popular ponies, emblazoned on them. “Black and rainbow stripe hot pants with Rainbow Dash on the bum,” reads the description. Sexy!

Reviews of the $8.50 a pair undies are mixed on Equestria Daily. Some are excited to buy a pair to “look sexy and whatnot,” while others are simply worried about what Rainbow Dash-branded lingerie will do to the poor pony’s reputation. Wrote one concerned user, “Really not helping with the idea that Dash gets around.”

Such gossips, those ponies.