Joanna Coles Wants Cosmo to Feel Like an ‘Intoxicating Cocktail’

Joanna Coles at the party for the March issue. (Photo credit: Patrick McMullan).

Cosmopolitan editor in chief Joanna Coles explains her vision for the magazine in an interview that will air tonight on NBC’s Rock Center.

“Every month I want Cosmo to feel like this intoxicating cocktail,” Ms. Coles says. “You know, career, fashion beauty, sex, love, family, friends–all the drama that is a modern women’s life, encapsulated in one place.”

“Which sounds a lot like a description of Coles herself,” NBC’s Harry Smith says in a voiceover. We aren’t sure if  Mr. Smith is likening Ms. Coles to a drink or whether he means that she is the encapsulation of a modern women. Perhaps it will become clear in the full segment.

Until then, here is a preview:

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