Just 10 Percent of People Will Buy Google Glass, Many Say It Looks ‘Socially Awkward’

Not even Glass could make these numbers look special.

The 10 percent. (Photo: Valleywag/Scoble)

The 10 percent. (Photo: Valleywag/Scoble)

Since Google has invented Glass, an intricately built face computer that’s only purpose is to display Reddit while showering, it now has to entice the public to buy the dopey devices. If a new survey is to be believed, that’ll be an uphill challenge: Just 10 percent of respondents would wear it on the regular–regardless of how much it costs.

BiTE Interactive talked to 1,000 American smartphone owners who said that they  didn’t care for Glass’s design. Around 45 percent said the device looks “too socially awkward” or “too irritating” to wear. Another 44 percent said they don’t think Glass’s features of, uh, displaying the weather, are desirable. It also doesn’t help that Robert Scoble’s picture is probably engrained into many of our minds.

Even though 10 percent of willing wearers sounds low, Boy Genius Report insists the news is not a kick in the face for GOOG:

As of the end of March, comScore estimates that 136.7 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones. If Google sells 13.6 million pairs of its Google Glass eyewear, it will be more successful than most smartphone models, and smartphones are almost a commodity at this point. The idea that 13.6 million people in the U.S. are even willing to wear Glass is simply remarkable.

Honestly, the idea of just 13.6 people wearing these things also sounds remarkable.