Larry Gagosian Owns One of the Richard Prince Works Still Under Review

Maybe this one? Who knows. (Courtesy court documents)

Maybe this one? Who knows. (Courtesy court documents)

In her Financial Times column this week, Georgina Adam mentions that Larry Gagosian personally owns one of the five Richard Prince works that were recently sent back to a lower court to determine whether or not the works adequately modify the photography of Patrick Cariou.

Or it’s in his “private collection,” according to his lawyers. If the court rules that the five works do infringe Mr. Cariou’s copyright, however, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that they do not have to be destroyed, as was the case in the first trial.

Here’s a slide show of the five still under dispute.

Correction, 5/7: An eagle-eyed reader pointed out that the threat of destruction no longer looms for these five works.