Malcolm Gladwell Hates the Main Branch of the NYPL, Thinks We Should Replace It With Luxury Condos

Malcolm Gladwell attacks the main branch of the NYPL.

Malcolm Gladwell attacked the main branch of the NYPL.

Ever the contrarian, Malcolm Gladwell is once again championing an argument that goes against popular opinion. While a lot of New Yorkers are worried that Norman Foster’s redesign will ruin the beloved New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue, Malcolm Gladwell could care less about preserving the “massive money sink of a mausoleum” and thinks we should tear the thing down and build condos, according to the Huffington Post.

“Every time I turn around, there’s some new extravagant renovation going on in the main building. Why? In my mind, the New York Public Library should be focused on keeping small libraries open, on its branches all over the city,” Mr. Gladwell said at a BookExpo America in New York forum.

Not content to let the attack go at that, he added:  “luxury condos would look wonderful there. Go back into the business of reaching people who do not have access to books. And that is not on the corner of 42nd and Fifth.” 302661