Mark Zuckerberg’s Dog Gets Humped in Celebration of Its 1.5 Million Facebook Likes

This was weird.



Sometime recently, Mark Zuckerberg’s smiley, overgrown Swiffer of a dog, Beast, hit 1.5 million fans on Facebook. To mark this momentous occasion, the crack team over at Next Media Animation made a video of how Beast became the social media monster that he is today.

Declaring him the richest dog on the planet (where’s The Daily to verify that?), the two-minute video accurately portrays Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife plucking Beast out of obscurity from a box labeled “FREE DOGZ” laying on the side of the street. Sure! Then in NMA’s zany world purview, Team Zuck celebrated in a McMansion-like building with dolla dolla bills dropping from the ceiling.

It gets better, too. Annoyed that crew practice ended early, the Winklevoss twins show up with two scary black dogs who hump each other, with Beast joining in.  We were too mentally scarred to continue watching after seeing three dogs driving a convertible, then careening off a bridge.

So, uh, congrats Beast!