Mountain Dew Truck Does Kickflip, Spill Automatically Transforms Freeway Into Chill Skatepark

Gamers everywhere run to nearest 7-11 to secure Mountain Dew supplies.



Yesterday morning, a truck carrying America’s greatest export, Mountain Dew, turned over on freeway I-70 in Pennsylvania, causing hundreds of bottles of the deliciously caffeinated nectar to clutter the road and back traffic up for hours. As if out of nowhere, hundreds of skateboarders descended on the scene, just to chill and practice their ollies. Xbox scores across the Northeast region of the U.S. plummeted to terrifying lows as gamers everywhere learned the devastating news and flocked to stores to begin to hoard Mountain Dew. Or at least that’s how we like to imagine it.

The highway has since been reopened and no major injuries were reported.

Rumor has it that the X Games will take place on highway I-70 next year.