MG Siegler Joins Up With Google Ventures

He'll focus on seed and early-stage investments.

Mr. Siegler. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Mr. Siegler. (Photo: LinkedIn)

A year and a half after bailing on the blog life during the Great TechCrunch Conflagration of ’11, MG Siegler is wading deeper into the world of venture capital. He announced today that he’s heading to Google Ventures as a general partner. He’ll join Kevin Rose and Wesley Chan, focused on seed and early-stage investments.

Mr. Siegler said he’d “continue to work closely with CrunchFund” on investments they’ve already made as well as writing the occasional column for TechCrunch, because apparently that place is actually the Hotel California. But perish the thought of his revealing confidential info from inside the notoriously secretive GOOG:

“Obviously, there will be some knowledge that I become privy to that I won’t be able to share — but that’s not any different than it has been with many of the startups I’ve worked with over the past 19 months. The difference now is that some of that knowledge will be about one of the most successul startups of all time: Google.”

He closed on a contemplative noted, informing readers of his Tumblr: “Yes, they’re letting an Apple fanatic into the building — wild, I know. But as I said, I left the reporting path long ago. I’m on a new path now. Don’t worry, I’m bringing my iPhone with me.” Whew, what a relief.