Nerd Fight! Cops Called to Battle Between Star Wars and Doctor Who Fans at Sci Fi Convention


(Photo: WordPress)

(Photo: WordPress)

Rival sci fi clubs almost instigated a nerd apocalypse in the U.K. yesterday when “the force” (heh) was called to mediate a fight between the warring factions.

According to the BBC, The Norwich Star Wars Club apparently invited two Doctor Who actors to speak at their annual Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention. Desperate to get autographs from the Doctor Who celebs, members of a competing club called the Norwich Sci-Fi Club attended the conference, causing a fracas to break out between the opposing groups.

The treasurer of the Norwich Sci-Fi Club, Jim Poole, showed up with a friend and was allegedly verbally abused by a member of the Star Wars Club. (We’re sure “This is not the sci-fi convention you’re looking for” was uttered at least once.) Luckily, no lightsabers or sonic screwdrivers were drawn: it was just a bunch of nerds yelling nerd stuff at each other until the police came.

“It’s a bit sad and pathetic,” Mr. Poole told the BBC. Bonus points for self-awareness, we suppose.

This would never happen at a brony con.