Nintendo Reverses Feature That Lets Male Video Characters Get Gay Married

Oh, this will end well.

Bathhouse. (Photo: Kotaku)

Bathhouse. (Photo: Kotaku)

Pray for Nintendo’s PR department, as it’s undoubtedly going to face the wrath of some very angry gaymers. Last week, the company released a life-simulation game that let male characters to marry the same sex. But an update released yesterday removed that supposedly unintended feature…OF HAPPINESS.

In the new, Japanese-language game Tomodachi Collection: New Life (think The Sims meets cute, Japanese anime), male Mii characters could date, marry, raise children and presumably be miserable together, too. Despite the female characters not having the same interactions, the “bug” delighted users. Gaming blog Kotaku wrote that Japanese players planned on purchasing the game because of the quirk.

Nintendo never officially recognized that the feature was unintended, but an update released Monday patched the gay marriage feature. NPR writes that the company said that some of the relationships were “funny” or “strange,” depending how the Japanese message is translated. The company veers from controversy and the country doesn’t officially recognize gay marriage. It’s also not scheduled to be released stateside.

Thomas Whitehead, a blogger for Nintendo Life, wrote that decision is disappointing to some:

Whether unintentional or not, due to the political and social sensitivities of the issue Nintendo has been faced with a decision in terms of maintaining male-female marriages only, or using the discovered feature as an opportunity to open up the experience to same-sex couples.

Your move, r/Gaymers.