On the Market: Michael Shvo Is Back! The Rockaways Are Scheduled to Re-open This Weekend; An Indefinite Lease For Madison Square Garden?

New York City’s cool offices open their doors for tours. [Curbed]
British group acquires long-term lease on Broadways’ biggest theater. [NYT]
Michael Shvo is attempting a comeback, this time as a condo developer. [WSJ]
City plans to offer possibility of lease in perpetuity to Madison Square Garden. [CapitalNY]
Bike share hating co-op is vindicated when EMS is (kind of) blocked by racks. [Post]
Bronx tour company stops selling itself as a chance to see the real ghetto. [NYT]
City wants to turn Fourth Avenue in Park Slope into a pedestrian plaza. [Bk Paper]
Approval process for Staten Island ferris wheel has been set in motion. [Crain’s]
Williamsburg Urban Outfitters plans to add booze and food to shopping experience. [Post]
You haven’t seen ivy until you’ve seen this mansion. [WSJ]
Most of Williamsburg’s promised affordable housing has yet to materialize. [DNAinfo]
Much work remains to be done, but Rockaway beaches will open this weekend. [Daily News]