Our Long National Nightmare of Staring at Pete Cashmore’s Beautiful Face Is Now Over

Miss u already, bb.

Doesn't look the same.

Doesn’t look the same.

We weren’t prepared to sit Shiva on this beautiful day, but it looks like Pete Cashmore had other plans for us. Out of nowhere, the iconic Mashable icon on Twitter changed from the the angelic face of the site’s beautiful British founder to an icy blue M, that at least reminds us of his stunning eyes.

Mr. Cashmore somehow managed to write nearly 500 buzzy words (engagement! evolve! community!) explaining the change on his superfluous LiveJournal account, er website. He basically wrote that he’s sick of receiving all the credit the public heaps upon him. The breathless hyperbole and slideshows that appear on Mashable take teamwork, and can’t just be accomplished with his handsome visage.

When I go to conferences, a lot of people tell me that they read my tweets. And while I’m thrilled that people follow the account, and flattered that people think that I’m so prolific, I can no longer take credit. We have a talented Community team that has built our social strategy and engages our community across all of our social channels.

Value added, indeed.