Your Cat Photos Do Not Impress Peter Thiel

"We can do more than that."

Come on, Peter, not even a giggle? (Tumblr)

Come on, Peter, not even a giggle? (Tumblr)

How many times does Peter Thiel have to tell you that unless your startup disrupts death or advances the singularity, he’s just not that impressed?

CNN Money reports that Mr. Thiel took the conference stage with Twitter investor Marc Andreessen earlier this week. And while he’s pretty sure that Twitter will still be around in 10 years, and he thinks the company’s $10 billion valuation is fair, he just can’t get all that excited about it.

He told the crowd: 

“New technologies are being used to send pictures of your cat halfway around the world,” Thiel said. “We’ve talked ourselves into thinking that throwing cats at birds is the best we can do. We can do more than that.”

Is that a reference to Twitter’s logo? Or is there some cat-related startup we’ve missed?