Reddit-Commenter-Turned-Screenwriter Now Wants to Kickstart a Novel, Of Course

At least he made a lot of money.

Mr. Erwin.

Mr. Erwin. (Photo: Twitter)

Everyone, we need to thank James Erwin or else Hollywood would just produce more sequels to Fast and the Furious for the rest of our lives. Last year, the technical manual writer hit the big time when his random Reddit comment was somehow green-lit to become a feature film.

During a lunch break last year, Mr. Erwin answered an important prompt that only those brains on Reddit could think of: Could the Roman Empire be obliterated by the U.S. Marines? Rather than, “uh, probably,” Mr. Erwin wrote something so earth-shattering that Hollywood came knocking.

He explained his courageous tale to the Financial Timeswhere he revealed how long it took him to write his story (an hour), the last book he wrote (a 700,000-word opus about every war on earth), and how much he got for the screenplay (more than $110,000). At one point during his experience, he even shouted to his office “I’m famous on the Internet!” which is such a better feeling than getting an Employee of the Month parking spot.

He called the entire process “100 percent positive,” but he’s now back at his job in Iowa and it seems the movie is out of his hands. So, what’s he doing?

I’m working on a novel now, and setting up a Kickstarter campaign to fund it.

It appears that $110,00 check isn’t enough to cover a Lulu membership.