Scorned Rapper Riff Raff Determined to OutFranco James Franco (Video)

Riff Raff as James Franko. (Hulu)

Riff Raff as James Franko. (Hulu)

Because this is what the world needs: More people imitated James Franco’s career path. (Where all houses are half built before being abandoned, all prose is a pale imitation of Jack Kerouac’s writing style and even beverages are somehow phallic.) Though we do think that rapper Riff Raff has the right idea at beating the actor-cum-whatever at his own game after Mr. Franco dissed him by not acknowledging his stylistic contributions to the character of Alien in Spring Breakers. The former From G’s To Gents reality star has decided to go back to the small screen…this time taking a cameo in One Life to Live as a character named–wait for it–James Franko.

(Clip starts at the 2:40 mark.)

Since James Franco already plays a character named Franco on General Hospital whenever he’s bored, this is either the most brilliant diss of all time or possibly some sort of weird viral marketing for an actual James Franco project. Wait, we just thought of something scarier…if everyone who hates James Franco starts parodying him, soon we’ll just have a country populated by Being John Malkovich-style Franco-ites. (Or technically, James Franco dressed like Riff Raff.) Which might just be his plan all along.

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