Sean Parker Reportedly Living at the Plaza, Just Like Eloise

Guess they haven't run off into the Big Sur woods to live with the steampunk fairies, after all!

So, yeah.

So, yeah.

Sounds like Napster cofounder, former Facebook president and Airtime never-you-mind Sean Parker is planning his $9 million wedding in suitably lavish surroundings.

For the last two years, Mr. Parker’s West Village townhouse has been undergoing renovations. But that doesn’t mean Mr. Parker, his khaleesi and his daughter have simply been working around the general contractors. Nope! The Daily Mail reports that instead, the couple has relocated to the Plaza Hotel.

Yes, ladies, that means Sean Parker is currently living out your Eloise-inspired childhood dreams of residing in the gilded, rarified environs of the Plaza. Give that a ponder. 

No word on whether the couple has redecorated their quarters at the Plaza to more closely resemble Khal Drogo’s tents.