Teachers to Say ‘the Hell With It,’ Just Let Photocopiers Grade Tests

Disrupt bad-handwriting-induced migraines.

The bane of everyone's existence, to the rescue. (Photo: Loughborough University Library)

The bane of everyone’s existence, to the rescue. (Photo: Loughborough University Library)

Hey you there, in the cardigan with the exhausted slump to your shoulders. Are you sick and tired of painstakingly grading 900 hand-scrawled answers at a go?

Well, here comes technology to your rescue. Popular Science reports that Xerox is planning to debut new software that would let printer-copier-scanners act as an automatic grader. Better living (for overworked teachers) through artificial intelligence!

Pop Sci says:

“Teachers would be able to send pages of printed tests with handwritten answers into the machines and get grades back. While it grades, the machine keeps track of which students do poorly on which questions, so it is able to tell teachers who’s struggling, and with what concepts.”

Of course, if these photocopiers are anything like the paper-jam-plagued monstrosity that sat in the teacher’s lounge of my high school, anyone who uses this thing will just be trading grading for a new task: constantly fixing the photocopier.