Teenager Ruins Perfectly Good Sleepover By Destroying Friend’s Roleplaying Account

"These credits do not have any real value."

LOL, "RuneScape."

LOL, “RuneScape.”

Talk about the worst sleepover ever: A Welsh teenager appeared in court Monday for logging on to his now-former friend’s profile for an online roleplaying game and trading away six years’ worth of credits. He wanted to get back at his friend for an earlier argument in the world’s most mature manner.

Further entrenching his status as a complete dick, suspect Keiron Belmont, 19, also stole two bottles of booze before fleeing. He was staying at victim Helen Jenkin’s house, who told the court that Mr. Belmont had unlawfully accessed her partner’s computer, entered the RuneScape account and depleted a half-decade’s worth of hard gaming.

Mr. Belmont’s lawyer explained that he knew the computer and game’s passwords because he’s used them previously, but even he acknowledged how stupid this is:

“These credits do not have any real value — their only value is in the game,” the lawyer said. “I would compare it to Monopoly money — purely because it is online should not make a difference, though the profile is clearly personal.”

Mr. Belmont plead guilty in an earlier hearing for the stolen alcohol, but had to pay Ms. Jenkins $30 in compensation for the unauthorized entry to her computer. Sadly, the court didn’t strike him with a separate penalty for the depleted coins…probably because they’re fake.