Chattanooga Wants You to Know That Iron Man 3 Lied and Its Internet Is GREAT

Fact-check from the local chamber of commerce.



The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is very, very proud of its gigabit Internet network. Hence the rather pointed email the local chamber of commerce just sent Business Insider, complaining about its borderline slanderous depiction in Iron Man 3 as a tech-barren hick town:

“In the movie, Iron Man had a hard time with a slow Internet connection. If Iron Man had visited the real Chattanooga, he would have been saving the world with the help of the first American city to offer gig-a-second Internet speeds (1,000 megabits per second), which Chattanooga has made available to every home and business across a 600 square mile service area since 2010.”

Got that, Hollywood?

Also, Mr. Stark probably should have checked out the local aquarium, which is pretty swank (but nowhere near as nice as the one in Hotlanta).