The Onion Releases Helpful Extension To Make Your Browser Fart Whenever You Scroll

"Everyone farts. And now your web pages can too."

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

Do you love browsing the Internet, but feel like the experience would be a whole lot better if your browser consistently made fart noises? Lucky for you, The Onion has made a foray into the programming sector with the release of a Javascript extension that will fart at you every time you scroll down the page.

“Everyone farts. And now your web pages can too,” promises The Onion on a page on Github that hosts the script. You can make your page fart every 400 or 800 pixels, whatever your preference. The whole thing is a genius plug for a frontend developer position that’s open at The Onion, perfect for any coder who still thinks fart jokes are the best jokes (hi).

BRB installing this on Betabeat.