The Pitch Season 2, Episode 10: Space Splitter – Making Your Roommate Less Passive Aggressive

image-3For anyone who has ever had (or been) that roommate who can’t remember to pay rent on time or restock the cleaning supplies, Space Splitter was made for you. Founders Rob Caucci and Jeremy Pease met in the res life department at Pace University, where they were inspired to develop a solution to eradicate passive aggressiveness from the roommate experience. Space Splitter helps roommates determine who pays for what and comes equipped with the option to process payments for bills and supplies. Mr. Pease and Mr. Caucci are targeting res life departments across the country with the hopes of converting users early in their roommate career so they stay with Space Splitter until they live on their own.

But roommate tiffs have existed forever. Is technology needed to solve the interpersonal issues of sharing space with others or are payment apps like Venmo already the solution? Watch the final pitch of Season 2 and see if Mr. Caucci and Mr. Pease can convince SoftBank Capital’s Nikhil Kalghatgi and Lerer Ventures’ Steve Schlafman that the pain point they are addressing has a large enough market to be funded.