The Pitch Season 2, Finale: 3 Awesome Finalists, But Only 1 Winner

image-1This season SoftBank Capital’s Nikhil Kalghatgi and Lerer Ventures’ Steve Schlafman heard from 10 startups elbowing to snag capital for their budding companies. The founders brought drive and passion to their pitches, but in the end only three could be finalists and only one the winner. Mr. Schlafman and Mr. Kalghatgi narrowed the pool by determining which of the startups had the biggest idea, the largest market to tap into and the most feasible plan.

After deliberation, Suitey, and Seed&Spark were brought back for a final sit down. Each of the founders had impressed our judges with their product, their pitch and their industry experience. Tackling residential real estate, college admissions and test prep, and the film industry respectively, our finalists’ target markets have the potential for great returns.

Find out which of the three inspired our investors and learn what it takes to do so in the finale of The Pitch Season 2.