Thrillist Has Hired Jannic Nielssen​, That Kid With the Kickstarter-Like Resume

Good example of #personal #branding.

Welcome to New York. (Photo: YouTube)

Welcome to New York. (Photo: YouTube)

Here’s a lesson for all the soon-to-be college graduates out there looking for work: get off your ass and create some ~viral content~. It just might work! Take Jannic Nielssen, a rather lively young professional who launched a Kickstarter-esque campaign, fit with an elevator pitch promoting his skills, that he created to get him a job.

Mr. Nielssen was looking to get his foot in the door in either social media or advertising (who isn’t?), but needed an employment offer letter by May 1, or else the half-Jamaican, half-Norwegian citizen faced deportation due to his visa expiring.

Well, the campaign, which hit the spotlight online and received thousands of shares on social media, worked.

Thrillist Media Group told Betabeat today that they have hired Mr. Nielssen for an entry-level position. The offer was extended yesterday–a day before Mr. Nielssen’s deportation deadline. He will relocate to New York from Illinois to serve as Marketing Coordinator.

Eric Ashman, a strategic advisor for TMG, lauded Mr. Nielssen’s approach in looking for a job:

Jannic’s unique approach to finding a job really reflected how we operate at TMG.  The use of all aspects of social media, and the KickJannic campaign in particular, was impressive. It showed great skill and creativity in using technology and media to tell his story and engage a wide audience.

No pressure, buddy!