Tim Cook Is Totally Judging Your Ugly Google Glasses

Wrists are the new hot things.

Mr. Cook (Photo: News.au)

Mr. Cook (Photo: News.au)

Someone sounds a little dejected that their Project Glass submission was rejected.

Speaking at yesterday’s (biweekly?) All Things D Digital Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook threw shade at Google’s face computer, saying that he doesn’t think it will hit mainstream appeal because no one wants to look like an insufferable ass if they don’t have to. Oh, and the steep $1,500 price point could be a hinderance.

Mr. Cook said:

“I’m interested in a great product. I wear glasses because I have to. People generally want glasses to reflect their fashion, style, etc. So this is difficult from a mainstream point of view,” he said. “I think the wrist is natural. I think there are other things in this space that could be interesting.

He added that the wearable sector is “ripe for exploration,” which Apple fanboys everywhere took as an obvious hint to the possibly upcoming iWatch device.

Whatever, have fun taking pictures with your iWatch, nerd.