Twitter and Foursquare Attempt to Ruin Movie Going with Pre-Show Ad Partnership

Can't wait to complain about this on Facebook.

It would be neat to read Twitter on that. (Photo: Hashgram)

It would be neat to read Twitter on that. (Photo: Hashgram)

The movies are no longer our one place of reprieve from social media. Twitter and Foursquare both announced partnerships yesterday with National CineMedia, a company that creates those annoying pre-show ads, to integrate the two sites into your movie viewing experience.

For the deal with Twitter, National CineMedia will pull data from the platform for the totally innovative idea of creating a weekly series that highlights tweets and trending topics related to the movies. So, get excited to read annoyed fan’s tweets about how overrated The Great Gatsby was on a 50 foot screen.

As for Foursquare’s arrangement with National CineMedia, the app will provide users with offers that aims “to be relevant to the movie-going experience.” Few details were revealed aside from the fact that the ad company’s sales team will work with movie chains to offer advertising on Foursquare’s check-ins and search function.

“Movie-goers spend a lot of time on those small screens, too,” said Cliff Marks, National CineMedia’s president. “For the first time, advertisers will be able to connect their ad on the big screen with the audience’s mobile device.”

Glad we figured out a way to make the future of going to the movies even more irritating.