Watch People in San Francisco Aimlessly Beat a Google Bus Piñata

Worst Cinco de Mayo ever.

Poor Google bus. (Photo: YouTube)

Poor Google bus. (Photo: YouTube)

Googlers might follow the company’s mantra of “Do No Evil,” but that good will doesn’t always extend to its neighbors. Nearly 40 people attended an “anti-gentrification block party” in–where else!–San Francisco on Sunday to protest the plush shuttles from various tech companies, like Goog, that stop by the neighborhood to pick up brogrammers and bring them to the Valley. The neighbors allege that the buses are causing rents to skyrocket and the people who use them are dicks.

So, to stick it to those dorks with face computers, a rally formed in San Francisco’s Williamsburg (the Mission District), where they smashed piñatas in the shape of Google buses and yelled about things. However, it didn’t last long. reports that the cops quickly arrived to shut down the open-mic demonstration and it pretty much devolved into people chatting and eating free food. Hmm, sort of sounds like the Google cafeteria during lunch.

Anyway, video of the demonstration, which is just a bunch of bored cops staring as a piñata is aimlessly beaten, was uploaded to (get this!) YouTube: