Whoops! Sean Parker Maybe Didn’t Get the Permits to Build That Lavish Wedding Set

There's a "code enforcement investigation"!

Okay, Elrond. (Photo: TMZ)

Westeros is, at least, relatively free of red tape. (Photo: TMZ)

It’s not a party ’til someone calls the cops! Or, in Sean Parker’s case, the local county planning department.

The Carmel Pine Cone (nice) reports that Mr. Parker didn’t secure the proper permits for the millions’ worth of building he’s doing at his wooded wedding venue in Big Sur. And so the Monterey County planning department (and also maybe the California Coastal Commission, yikes) has started poking around whether they’ve violated local construction restrictions:

“‘We have opened a code enforcement investigation on Ventana Inn,’ county planning director Mike Novo told The Pine Cone.”

Don’t worry, though: Authorities haven’t issued a stop-work order, so preparations can proceed apace, leaving locals plenty of opportunity to gossip. A local restaurant owner told the Pine Cone, “I’ve heard a lot of buzz about it.”

Daenerys Targaryen wouldn’t stand for any of this.

[h/t the L.A. Times]