World’s Biggest Douchebag Will Pay a ‘Pretty, Thin’ Woman to Favorite People on OKCupid for Him

"Online dating surrogate": newest sign of a bubble?



If you’re a “successful entrepreneur” whose ego is wildly mismatched with his actual value to the human race, you probably just don’t have time to comb through online dating profiles with the hopes of landing Ms. Right. And since you’ve made your bread and butter in Bubble 2.0, why not farm out the trivialities of modern dating life to a willing Craigslist participant?

One Flatiron-based dudebro is looking for a “discerning woman to handle online dating communications for him.” This means that for one hour per day you’ll comb through women’s profiles on “3 or 4 dating sites” and favorite the ones that match the stringent criteria he has established. Then he’ll periodically go through and delete the ones that don’t live up to his standards, and the others you’ll be expected to exchange messages and set up dates with.

Seems like a pretty easy gig for $100/week, but fat uggos need not apply. The ideal candidate for Mr. “Successful Entrepreneur” is a “pretty, thin, educated female in her 20s or 30s (with great taste and strong writing ability).” Not sure why those are requirements for clicking around on a computer, but okay!

Frankly, we’re shocked this dude is still single.