67 Percent of Snapchat Users Have Gotten Dirty Pictures, Are Total Squares About It

What else are we supposed to use it for?

:( (Photo: Hashgram)

😦 (Photo: Hashgram)

Honestly, isn’t the most fun part of Snapchat receiving random dirty pictures?

Apparently not to those prudes in the United Kingdom, who revealed in a new survey that 67 percent of them have received a picture they’ve deemed “inappropriate.” The poll, conducted by VoucherCodesPro, asked 1,300 men and woman between the ages of 18 to 30 about their Snapchat habits.

Nearly half of them said they’ve received nudie pictures and 11 percent said they’ve looked at “images of criminal acts.” As for what they do on Snapchat, 64 percent said only use it to send selfies and 54 percent took pictures of things they found “amusing.” So, penises?

Anyway, completely unaware of the news, the Brits cluelessly employ their trust in the images actually dissolving:

Although the app has been criticized for enabling sexting amongst the younger generations, other commentators have applauded the ‘self-destruct’ feature, arguing that if teens are going to be sending inappropriate images anyway, far better that they use a service that offers some attempt at privacy.

Ignorance is bliss.