Bike Repair Vending Machines Sprout Up To Save Night Owl Riders in Brooklyn

The city that never sleeps no longer has to wait to until morning for bike repair.

Amateur cyclist Shimon Kivman has launched Express Biker, a 24-hour bike repair kiosk that provides tubes, lights, patch kits and everything else needed for emergency repair. The items range from $5-30.

“We want to revolutionize bike riding and its shopping experience with an innovative new automated retail shop and support cyclists by making it easier to fix their bike while out on the road,” Mr. Kivman said on their website.

As of now, Express Biker is set up outside two retail locations. One is located at the Emporium Gas Station on Flushing Avenue and another at the Mobil Gas Station at 415 Empire Blvd., a few blocks away from Prospect Park.

In addition to just aiding cyclists, Express Biker also has the average New Yorker covered in case of a storm. They have bags to protect an iPhone, in addition to umbrellas. No word on whether hairspray and mascara will also be added if the stations spread to Manhattan…