Booting Up: Comcast Thinks We Can’t Handle Google Fiber’s Zippy Internet Speeds

A smartphone. (Wikipedia)

A smartphone. (Wikipedia)

According to results from a new Pew Research study, 56 percent of adults now own a smartphone, while 10 percent of adults said they don’t own a cell phone at all. [LA Times]

Haha, that’s right Comcast, no one wants super fast Internet speed like Google is offering because our routers can’t support it, or whatever B.S. reason you’re using now to feel good about yourself. [BGR]

Foxconn might lose the “conn,” as it’s considering spinning off the connector side of its business since PC sales are lagging. [CNET]

Apple’s upcoming iRadio service (we’ve collectively decided just to use that name) will be commercial-supported and feature highly targeted ads. [Ad Age]

There’s a new version of Snapchat and it’s beautiful. [TechCrunch]