Booting Up: For Now, Google Is America’s Favorite Tech Company

Google is king. (

Google is king. (

Uber has a novel idea to fend off competition: Lower its prices. UberX, its comparatively less expensive on-demand car service, plans to slash prices next week by 25 percent in San Francisco. [TechCrunch]

Google has won the popularity contest of which tech companies Americans love! Around 83 percent of respondents said their view of Goog is “favorable,” with Apple (72 percent) and Facebook (60 percent) following behind. Let’s see how long this lasts. [Washington Post]

Facebook is revamping its advertising plans by dropping several ad units to make it simpler. Rather, it will ask companies what results they want to achieve and help them pick the best plan. [AllThingsD]

Now real estate sites are creating apps for Google Glass with Trulia being the first one to do so. [New York Times]

Some YouTube founders have created a Vine knock-off in China. [TechCrunch]