Booting Up: Google Assures Us That It’s “Not in Cahoots With the NSA”

Digg Reader. (Photo: Digg)

Digg Reader. (Photo: Digg)

If we’re to believe the tweets of Vine’s cofounder Dom Hoffman, it looks like the Twitter app is adding some new features along with a slightly tinkered layout. Wonder why! [AllThingsD]

Google said yesterday that it’s “not in cahoots with the NSA,” in an attempt to quell concerns that the government’s PRISM program is an open door to user data. [NBC News]

Oh good, now you can add pictures to your comments on Facebook. We’re sure that’s going to look great. [CNET]

Here’s a fascinating story of how Betaworks, which bought Digg when it “was really a carcass,” created its Reader with a team of 15 people in 60 days. [Wired]

XBox One is pulling two previously planned features that angered users, like checking to see if gamers are online every 24 hours and eliminating restrictions on disc-based games. Yay? [Verge]