Booting Up: Hopefully This Is the Last Waze Acquisition Rumor We’ll Ever Hear

Google's possible new purchase.

Google’s possible new purchase.

Is the long saga of ‘Who’s Acquiring Waze Today’ finally nearing a finale? The Israeli startup is nearing a deal with Google to be snapped up for a cool $1 billion. [WSJ]

On the heels of reportedly raising $100 million in new funding, Snapchat is ramping up its sales department [TechCrunch]

AT&T is extending its upgrade window from 20 months to two years. [AllThingsD]

Apple is expected to unveil iRadio, Siri, and a revamped iOS at the company’s developer conference, which kicks off today. [CNET]

Speaking of the new iOS7, screenshots of it have supposedly leaked. It’s very flat, but colorful. [9to5Mac]