Booting Up: iOS 7 Lets Users Take Screenshots on Snapchat Without Telling Anyone


OUYA. (Photo: IT World)

A European court ruled that Google must respect its privacy laws but doesn’t have to delete user information on its search engine since that’s kind of…difficult. [Reuters]

There’s a nightmare scenario in iOS 7: The process of taking screenshots has changed, so Snapchat users might no longer be warned that their sexts were captured. At least you can still take screenshots *cough Android cough* [MacRumors]

OUYA, the $100 crowdfunded gaming console, hits retailers today and it’s already sold out on Amazon. [Engadget]

One analyst predicted that Google+ will overtake Facebook by 2016, which prompted another analyst to call him “idiotic.” [MarketWatch]

Branch cofounders are launching a social networking site revolving around sharing links today. It’s called Potluck. [Verge]