Booting Up: Video on Instagram Will (Probably) Be Revealed Thursday

Arriving in the Netherlands.(Photo:

Arriving in the Netherlands.(Photo:

It’s all but confirmed that Facebook will announce “video for Instagram” at tomorrow’s event. We hardly knew ye, Facebook Reader. [AllThingsD]

The next new market for Netflix is The Netherlands, even as the company’s international growth slows. [PaidContent]

Apple is testing LinkedIn integration in iOS7 to make it easier to stalk your coworkers on the fly, we suppose. [9to5Mac]

It doesn’t sound like there’s a whole lot YouTube, Spotify and other services can do about people ripping their streams since the software isn’t illegal. [Guardian]

iPad drawing app Paper received $15 million in fresh funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. [AllThingsD]

TripAdvisor has acquired travel app GateGuru for an undisclosed sum. Based in New York, it will be combined with SeatGuru later this year. [Skift]