Brothers Orchestrate Thousand Dollar Craigslist Scam But Don’t Think They Did Anything Wrong

Here's a solid money-making scheme.

Scam alert.

Since U Been Scammed.

Craigslist, a cesspool for casual hookups and lightly used Ikea furniture, recently became the setting for a scam when two brothers from Pittsburgh took thousands of dollars from hundreds of people. Daniel and David Isabella are accused of duping 250 users by offering them discounted concert and sporting tickets, but never actually delivering on their promise.

The Isabella brothers told people to wire their money via MoneyGram, where they collected more than $70,000 from people in several states, including New York. That sounds pretty terrible, right? But Daniel told KDKA-TV that he hasn’t been charged with any crimes, despite the fact that the state indicted the brothers with fraud, conspiracy and interstate commerce violations.

He told the CBS affiliate that he simply doesn’t believe the charges, even after the television reporter presented a packet of paper containing the grand jury indictment to him, because he did “nothing wrong.” The brothers could face millions of dollars in fines and possibly dozens of years in prison.

Hopefully the punishment also includes playing the MDNA tour on a loop in their cell.