Casting the Inevitable Edward Snowden Biopic

Edward Snowden (via The Guardian)

Edward Snowden (via The Guardian)

It’s the Summer of the Whistleblower, and with Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and all those people who’ve put the SEC on speed-dial, why should Julian Assange be the only one getting a documentary?

We find it especially odd in the case of Snowden, who has his entire life being made into a tabloid cover, yet whom no one in the media has called out for being a dead ringer for one of television’s leading men.

Click below the jump for our pick on who should play Snowden in the HBO miniseries.

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard just has to put on glasses and wipe those bangs out of his face and poof: He’s the 29-year-old hero/cowardly disgrace to his country.