Coney Island To Become Cool and “Glitzy” With Chains Like Applebee’s, Johnny Rockets and Red Mango

Once it gets a DSW and a Pink Berry, Coney Island will really come into its own.

Now all it needs is a TJ Max and a Pinkberry.

Coney Island is okay and all—it has the Mermaid Parade and the Cyclone, the boardwalk and the beach—but some “hip” national chains like Applebee’s are poised to take the seaside destination to another level, according to the New York Daily News.

Because not only is the suburban staple “hip,” it is also glitzy—two words that though not often used in the same sentence, no doubt spring to the lips of New Yorkers when they think of strip malls, highway exit ramps and establishments that serve chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks and oversized, sugary cocktails. 

To be fair, this Applebee’s will have a 20-foot shark tank, making it slightly more appealing than your average Applebee’s location in White Plains or Jersey City.

“Coney Island’s time has come. It’s the renaissance of the neighborhood,” Applebee’s owner Zane Tankel told the Daily News.

And that’s not all (or as the paper puts it “But wait, there’s more”). The Daily News follows news of the Applebee’s opening with a bullet-pointed list of other establishments that will be coming to the neighborhood—the paper has apparently given up on exerting the kind of effort it takes to weave this kind of information into a story—a candy store chain, a Nets-branded Adidas shop, suburban hamburger joint Johnny Rockets and Red Mango will also be coming to the seaside strip. Because nothing says glitzy like self-serve frozen yogurt.