Creatively Groomed Dog Show Attracts Yoda, Big Bird and the Criminally Insane (Video)

Does this pig make my ass look fat? (YouTube)

Does this pig make my ass look fat? (YouTube)

Hershey, Pennsylvania: It’s not just for chocolate anymore! It’s also where, each year, one of the several Christopher Guest-ian contests for the most “creatively groomed” dog is held.

And if you thought Westminster was stressful, wait till you see what these owners put on their puppies in order to win the prize money, which can sometimes be as much as $60,000.

If you’ll notice, most stories about “creative dog grooming” today center on the shows’ country-traveling photographer, Ren Netherland. That’s because the man’s got an exclusive on all the extreme dog photos, so unless you want to profile him, you’ll have to go through his UK employer, Barcroft Media, for the pics.

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