Daughter Monetizes Her Dad By Billing Him for Tech Support

Is she available to update my iOS?

Computer repair.


If I had a dollar every time my parents asked me to fix the printer or repair the Internet, I’d be in the Maldives sipping a Bud Light Lime. Sadly I never negotiated that deal with them, but that doesn’t mean others haven’t disrupted their parents’ wallets. Australia’s news.com.au reports that one conniving daughter billed her dad for replacing his laptop’s hard drive and posted it on Imgur. 

Adorned with a picture of a dog on a computer and made payable to “Your Awesome Daughter,” the invoice lists five tasks completed on the laptop including restoring old files and “waiting for shipping” of the new hard drive. Each item doesn’t come affixed with a price, but rather a demand of what she wants for dinner (it’s pizza at a Round Table).

If only she could transform into a miserable goth she’d make a perfect team leader on the Geek Squad.

The invoice. (Imgur)

The invoice. (Imgur)