eBay Debuts Touchscreen ‘Storefronts’ in New York So You Can Buy Overpriced Purses

This is really fancy.

Kate Spade Saturday collection.

Kate Spade Saturday collection.

The beauty of shopping on eBay is that you can do it while holed up in your apartment without the fear of judgement on that ugly handbag you have your eye on. Now, the ecommerce company wants to change that by welcoming you to the outside world with new interactive storefronts featuring products from Kate Spade’s new line, Saturday.

Starting Saturday, four 24-hour so-called Window Shops will be scattered throughout New York selling merchandise from your sorority sister’s favorite designer. Users can pick what they want on the touchscreen, schedule a one-hour delivery to anywhere in the city and complete the transaction through PayPal.

The “shopping innovation” lasts until July 6. It’s part of eBay’s attempt to revolutionize shopping and introduce more buzz words into everyday language:

Our partnership brings the best of online shopping into the physical world, and rolls mobile technology, same-day delivery, and seamless digital payments into one end-to-end customer experience.

Sure, whatever; you’re still a knucklehead for paying $85 for a glorified plastic bag.