Facebook’s iOS Apps Might Be Draining Your Battery Life, So There’s Your Excuse to Quit

First Snapchat, now this?

The cause all of our problems.

The cause all of our problems.

One of the biggest flaws of the iPhone is how quickly it runs out of battery life–even when you’re not using it. Now, a German developer might’ve discovered the reason why that’s happening: it’s all Facebook’s fault.

If you have the social network’s programs installed, the apps are not completely shutting down when you stop using them and push them to the background of your phone. Instead, they periodically become active for 10 seconds at a time then go back to sleep, the process repeating all day long, reducing your precious battery. The problem also affects Facebook Messenger and its apps for the iPad.

As TUAW notes, Apple’s rules mandate that apps can’t operate when they’re in the background, except in apps that stream audio or run VoIP–both of which Facebook’s apps utilize,like in that call-a-friend feature that practically no one uses. So, it’s not breaking any rules, just causing a lot of headaches and heartache.

Developer Sebastian Düvel said he didn’t publicize the issue to embarrass Facebook but for them to fix the problem. The only sensible solution is to delete the apps and use the mobile site. Or, completely delete your Facebook account and have one less mundane problem to deal with your life.