Few of Us Noticed That Jack Dorsey Has Been Breaking FAA Rules With His Takeoff Vines




Staid millionaire Jack Dorsey has a bit of a rebellious streak!

Last week, Mr. Dorsey–as he’s previously done a few times–posted a video of his jet taking off from San Francisco. That’s a no-no since the FAA claims the use of electronics is prohibited since they think it causes interferences with the plane’s radio signals. That means the Twitter creator was acting very naughty!

(CNNMoney said they did not “reply to requests for comment” probably because he was on a plane).

His edgy tweet didn’t go unnoticed as GroupMe employee Steve Spillman gently suggested that he should stop doing since “that is not allowed.” True, but a recent survey indicates that Mr. Dorsey isn’t alone: 69 percent of passengers admitted to using their phones on flights. God forbid they don’t pass time by reading the airline’s in-flight magazine or SkyMall.

Now that Mr. Dorsey has disrupted microblogging and mobile payments, perhaps the FAA is next. The agency announced Monday that it’s looking into easing the rules of when celebrities and commoners can use electronics on planes.

Or maybe he’ll be arrested. Who knows!