Five Reasons North West Is the Best Baby Name Ever

Hey, you, leave North West alone!

Unless you happen to care about more serious things than a Kimye’s glorious gift to the world, you’ll know by now that the rap/reality progeny has been named North West.

Twitter, unsurprisingly, thought this was hysterical.

But over here at The Observer, we actually think that North West, is a strong, confident name.

While Twitter has had its fun, we think that Kim and Kanye will get the last laugh.

Baby Kimye

Baby Kimye

Here are five reasons why it’s a great name:

1. It’s an all en-compassing name.

2. It’ll really put her on the map.

3. Every moment in her life is a turning point.

4. She’s already got her life mapped out.

5. Her name really set her off in the right direction.